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Lecture Tour by ZHENGZHOU RUIXIN in Sunny April

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  • Date:2017-04-26

Lecture Tour by ZHENGZHOU RUIXIN in Sunny April

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  RUIXIN took part in several activities to welcome the 17th World Intellectual Property Day:

  From April 17 to April 26, 2017, at the invitation of the leading group of evaluating High-tech enterprise, headed by the department of Science and Technology of Henan, attorneys from ZHENGZHOU RUIXIN took part in the lecture tour (named “Zhongyuan High-tech enterprise training”) covering the city of Sanmenxia, Zhoukou, Luohe, Zhumadian, Nanyang, Pingdingshan, and Kaifeng, spreading the knowledge of innovation policy, IP-related issue, technical transformation etc.

  From April 19 to April 25, 2017, General Manager of ZHENGZHOU RUIXIN joined a speaking tour organized by Henan Intellectual Property Office and lectured on intellectual property issues on “Intellectual Property New Service under New Situation” and “Enterprise Intellectual Property Management”.

  On April 21, 2017, heads of the Patent Department, the Trademark and Copyright Department and the Research Department of RUIXIN attended the opening ceremony of China Mainland & Taiwan Intellectual Property Forum hosted by Zhengzhou University and National University of Kaohsiung. Experts from Mainland & Taiwan shared their research results of key issues in patent, trademark and copyright.

  On April 25, 2017, representative from RUIXIN was invited to attend the seminar on Legal Construction of Free Trade Zone and delivered a speech entitled “Legal Principle and Suggestion on Green Patent System”. The Seminar was held by Henan High People’s Court, Government of Kaifeng and Henan University.

  The talent training seminar and inauguration event, organized by Henan Normal University & Henan Intellectual Property Base, was held in Henan Normal University on April 26, 2017 by Mr. Chen Hao, general manager of ZHENGZHOU RUIXIN, shared his thoughts on how to cultivate IP talents at the seminar.

  RUIXIN was also invited to join in the training session organized by Henan Science and Technology Department and publicized the IP-related issues.


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