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Patent Strategy for Emerging Company

Patent Strategy for Emerging Company

  • Time of issue:2017-10-25 10:00
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  Q Company, a High-tech enterprise producing and selling automatic packaging machine for noodles, developed an automatic feeder with the advantage of small space coverage, high efficiency, and convenient operation etc. With increasing demands from clients and imitation from competitors in the same industry, the market is seized by the counterfeit products.


  Facing the imitation from competitors, Q Company planned to defend their rights by filing a patent infringement lawsuit with the competent court, selecting ZHENGZHOU RUIXIN as their reprehensive. However, after detailed analysis and review, the attorneys from RUIXIN found that the patent for utility model Q Company provided couldn’t be used as the evidence because of the defects in the drafting of specification and claims, and the infringer may easily adopt a countermeasure to imitate the products without infringing their patent. “Researching and developing the second innovation product based on the first generation, and re-design the patent strategy was the best solution.” General Manager of RUIXIN- Mr. Chen suggested.

  Upon the approval of the client, RUIXIN organized a group to conduct an on-site investigation and technical research, and designed a detailed patent strategy for the core technology, taking into consideration of manufacturing, sales strategy, sales timing and other aspects. Finally, over 20 applications for inventions and utility models, including 8 patent inventions were filed, covering almost all the technological innovations of new generations of equipment.

  In 2017, counterfeit goods are once again pouring into the market after Q Company launched the second generation equipment. But this time, Q Company defended their rights by issuing a warning letter to the infringers and ended with great success.


  The competitors stopped their infringement and signed a long-term cooperation contract with Q Company and Q Company has also become the new supplier of some big noodles manufactures.


  For many companies and enterprises, developing a patent strategy is an important component of the business plan. Developing the patent strategy with qualities of patent in excellent quality will enable companies or enterprises to occupy the market and create greater economic benefits.

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